The Kase Group believes in giving back to the community, which is why we’ve established funds and partnerships with the following organizations:

The Kase and Jacob Abusharkh Family Endowed Scholarship at Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory of San Francisco  
This Scholarship Fund at Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory
 was established in 2013 to provide tuition assistance for students who demonstrate significant financial need, with preference given to students who are dealing with or have overcome significant health issues.

The Kase, Jeannine and Jacob Abusharkh Kidney Transplant Fund at Stanford
Stanford Hospital’s Kidney Transplant Services Program holds a special place in the hearts of the Abusharkh family, they personally experienced the kindness and care of Stanford Hospital. To give back, the Abusharkh Family has established The Kase, Jeannine and Jacob Abusharkh Endowment in association with Stanford University Hospital’s Department of Surgery in the School of Medicine, which helps to improve clinical outcomes of kidney transplantation.

Little Wishes Foundation
Little Wishes has a simple but profound mission: to grant the immediate and ongoing wishes of hospitalized children to ease their discomfort and bring them moments of joy. To a hospitalized child, seemingly simple, little wishes—a stuffed animal, Giants memorabilia decorating the child’s hospital room, Spiderman figurines, books or DVDs—can and do make a huge difference. They provide a welcome distraction, brighten long days and are a tangible expression of community compassion, love and support. Little Wishes is a San Anselmo-based nonprofit organization staffed entirely by volunteers.


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